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Best DSLR camera in India under 30000 – Complete Reviews and Buying guide 2019


The DSLR camera is one of the greatest inventions of technology for photographers. It is essential equipment for whom photography is life. However, finding the best DSLR camera in India under 30000 is a pretty difficult task due to an immense number of units available in the market. As we all know, it is a costly investment, and that’s why you need to be pretty attentive while choosing this camera. In recent years, the real photographers have shown a great interest in DSLR cameras thanks to their superior image quality, superb battery life, and a great range of lens options. It has all the things that a photographer wishes to have in their camera.

In this post, we will talk about this exceptional equipment in detail along with telling you about the best DSLR cameras available in the market. We suggest you stick with us until the end, so nothing gets missed.

How is a DSLR camera different from mirrorless cameras?

The battle between mirrorless and DSLR camera is still a hot debate in the photography industry. After dominating the market for more than a decade, the DSLR camera has become a serious competitor for the mirrorless version. Let us tell you about the difference between the two in detail now.

  • Autofocus speed

The biggest difference is the technology between the two versions. A mirrorless camera has contrast detection technology that is slower and utilizes the power of the image sensor for finding the highest contrast.

On the other hand, the DSLR cameras uses phase detection technology that results in calculating the convergence of two light beams pretty quickly.


  • Battery Life

The DSLR versions have a solid battery life as they don’t LCD screen or electronic viewfinder for shooting. The thing is different in the case of mirrorless versions because they use an LCD screen that consumes a lot of power.

Additionally, the availability of removable batteries allows the users to carry a spare set if the shoot is quite long.


  • Construction

Here, the mirror-less camera has the upper hand due to its light construction.

The DSLR cameras have a pretty bulky construction as they are equipped with both a mirror as well as a prism.

On the other hand, the mirror less camera has a smaller size and capacity of accommodating more gears. However, better image quality and performance can easily outweigh this disadvantage.

We have only explained a few reasons that show the DSLR versions are the most excellent option if you want to boost the quality of photography.


Which one is the best DSLR camera in India under 30000 in 2019?

Now, let’s talk about the real business! Although this camera type is available in a great range of prices, here we will only tell you about the ones that fall in the range mentioned above. Our expert team has made their research and testing that almost nearly 60 hours where we succeed in creating a list of top 5 best DSLR cameras in India under 30000 in 2019. Without any further delay, we will talk about each one in detail below.

Canon EOS 1500D Digital SLR Camera (editor’s choice)

This model launched by the Canon brand in 2019 in place of the EOS 1300D. It is an entry-level camera that has created a buzz instantly after the release and becomes an exceptional choice in this price range. The Canon EOS 1500D has almost identical construction as the previous model with little bit better grips due to the ample rubber cladding.


With an ISO range of 100-6400, this camera has succeeded in handling the noise perfectly along with preserving the details of the image. Additionally, there is a solid scope of cropping images thanks to its higher resolution ability.

Construction and ergonomics

It has a carbon-fiber reinforced polycarbonate construction adding durability to the unit. Available in kit format, it comes with the EF-S 18-55 mm and 3.5-5.6 III lens. Its performance justifies the price of this product superbly.

Playback & Software

There is an abundance of features in this digital SLR camera like jump display functions along with creative filters and slideshow playback. When it comes to software, it is available in the official site of Canon and comprises latest versions of EOS utility.


  • Highly portable and compact unit to buy
  • Capable of giving a great performance in all types of lights
  • An exceptional constructed DSLR camera


  • Not too many modifications from the previous model
  • Lack of headphone jack

Canon EOS 1500D Digital SLR Camera (Black) with EF S18-55 is II Lens/Camera Case

Free shipping
Last update was in: October 19, 2019 7:38 AM
Rs. 25,990 Rs. 34,995


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Canon EOS 3000D (Best 18MP DSLR camera)

If you are looking to buy an 18 MP DSLR camera within an affordable budget, then we suggest you to not looking anything further than EOS 3000D. It is packed with tons of features that can be extremely useful in the photography journey. No one will get surprised to see its inclusion in the best DSLR camera in India under 30000 once they check out its quality and performance. It is a highly compact unit that let the users capture beautiful images with natural colors and detailing.


In this model, the manufacturer has tried to make things easier for the users by providing limited buttons. There is a smart dialer added in this unit that equipped with an ability to shot several modes. That’s not all; there is a built-in image stabilization option that can very handy while clicking photos.


As we have already explained, this unit delivered with an 18MP CMOS sensor that is 19 times bigger when compared with traditional smartphones. So, the users can expect brightness and detail in various lighting conditions. On top of that, there are nine autofocus points that are brilliant, considering its affordable price.

Connectivity options

The connectivity won’t be an issue in this excellent camera unit. You will get built-in Wi-Fi connectivity through which the images can transfer directly to the phone. All you need to do is installing the Canon Camera Connect app on the phone.


  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Provide versatile shooter ability
  • Awesome battery life


  • In-compatible with third party flashes
  • Poor quality plastic lens mount

Canon EOS 3000D 18MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) with 18-55mm is II Lens, 16GB Card and Carry Case

Last update was in: October 19, 2019 7:38 AM
Rs. 21,450 Rs. 28,900

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Nikon D3400 Digital SLR Camera (Best entry-level DSLR camera)

The next one in our list is this entry-level model that can beat any camera in terms of features and performance in this price range. It is a modest version that equips with a 24 MP camera APS-C CMOS sensor that allows the users to click incredible images. It can be a perfect addition for increasing your photography skills and take them on a different level. The company has made very incredible modifications when compared with the previous model in this price range. Additionally, the weight of this unit is less than 450 grams that ensure you can carry it anywhere quite easily.

Autofocus and Live-view AF

This camera has an 11-point phase detection autofocus system with pretty faster speed. The presence of AF dots in the viewfinder proves how amazing this camera is. On the other hand, there is a pretty faster and smoother focus provided by the auto-focus motor in the live-view.


The other feature that makes this model different from the other cameras in the market is its super SnapBridge system that is basically a Bluetooth LE-based system. It allows the users to share images to a smartphone instantly using the sync process.


When it comes to image quality, we find that this camera generates pleasing and punchy JPEGs. There is an extreme sharpening and detailing added in the images thanks to its 24 MP sensor. Besides that, it comes with active D-lighting feature that assists in retaining the shadow as well as protects the highlighted details in the images.


  • Extremely compact and lightweight construction
  • Provide brilliant ISO performance
  • SnapBridge technology for easy file transfer


  • Lack of Wi-Fi might be an issue for some people
  • Complaints about missing memory card in some packages

Nikon D3400 24.2 MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) + AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Lens Kit + 16GB Card...

Free shipping
Last update was in: October 19, 2019 7:38 AM
Rs. 34,500 Rs. 41,900


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Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V (Best compact DSLR camera)

Sony is one of the most iconic names in the technological world, and this unit shows why they are. It is a premium unit that comes with the super-zoom facility due to 50X and 24-1200 mm zoom lens. Some other features that we can’t miss mentioning about this unit are built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, and GPS technology that allow the users to share and even tag the location of photos.

Photos Quality

As we have explained above, this unit comes with 20.4 megapixel JPEG power that gives a tremendous sort of images. We found that the manufacturer has performed a good job in noise handling as well as detailing the images precisely.

Focus range and sharpening

The availability of the 50X zoom lens provides an exceptionally versatile focus range that provides the much-needed sharpening to the images. Not only that, this camera has thrillingly handled the chromatic aberrations. Also, the equipment let the users focus the subject with its wide angle.

Highly Dynamic Range Optimizer

The other thing that you need to know about this unit is the D-Range Optimizer that boosts the shadow detailing in the images taken in the environment with contrast light. It can be an incredible option for clicking images where shadow might be a problem.


  • Provide 100% field coverage with an electronic viewfinder
  • Easy to handle thanks to tilt LCD
  • Equip with plenty of creative modes


  • Complaints about its AC adapter

Sony Cybershot DSC-HX400V 20.4MP Digital Camera (Black) with Free Bag and Memory Card

Free shipping
Last update was in: October 19, 2019 7:38 AM
Rs. 28,298 Rs. 28,990

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Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX (Best DSLR camera for the money)

The fifth position in our list is accommodated by Nikon D3500 that comes with a great list of enticing features. The compact construction of this unit in a combination of fast single-shot AF and fantastic image quality make it a perfect contender in this list. The company delivers this product with both single-lens and two-lens kits. Additionally, this product has only garnered positive reviews from the buyers since its launch.

Awesome construction and control layout

The camera has a very compact design and weight, allowing the user to easily carry it anywhere without putting too much stress on the body. There is a comfortable & deeper handgrip provided to the unit for easy hold. On the other hand, the dedicated controls and flash buttons on the back panel ensure you can control it conveniently.

Superb Image Quality

There is a 24MP camera added in this unit along with an excellent image processor and updated sensor. Finding such a top-notch image quality at such a price will be a very difficult task. Additionally, this camera can deliver perfect images with well-saturated and accurate colors.

Excellent Battery Life

In a full charge, you can enjoy approximately up to 1,550 shots that are quite convincing. It let the photographers enjoy a two or even three days shoot without any need to worry about the charging. On the other hand, it may last up to a week for everyday users.


  • Brilliant battery life lasting for days
  • Available at a very affordable price
  • Equip with in-camera raw processing feature


  • Lack of touch abilities
  • A pretty average video AF performance

Nikon D3500 W/AF-P DX Nikkor 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6G VR with 16GB Memory Card and Carry Case (Black)

Free shipping
Last update was in: October 19, 2019 7:38 AM
Rs. 28,800 Rs. 36,250

How to choose the right DSLR camera under 30000?

There are tons of things that you need to check before buying Best DSLR camera in India under 30000. Having a limited budget doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with quality and performance. If you keep the considerations mentioned below in mind, then you will end up buying a suitable unit in the end.

  • Megapixels

The resolution of the camera is decided by the megapixels. More the megapixels is, the higher resolution images will be. It let the photographer’s print excellent images and cropping them without affecting its quality.  On an average note, please make sure that the DSLR you are buying should have at least 16-megapixel camera.

  • Shooting Speed

Always go for a camera that has a good speed because photographers have to work at a constant phase. Moreover, it is also important for normal people who click pictures casually. For example, speed is important to capture the expression of your kid or even the best expressions of your loved ones.

  • Price

Finding the best camera doesn’t mean you have to spend tons of money; it is all about finding the best model for your style and pocket. We have made the research on your behalf and identified the best models under 30,000. Choose the one that matches your needs conveniently and perfectly.

  • Construction

As we all know, the DSLRs costs much more than the normal cameras, but you can find ones with little bit lighter construction. However, it depends on what your needs are. If you are a photographer who travels a lot, then go for lighter models for sure. On the other hand, a bulkier version will work perfectly if you are a casual photographer.

  • Sensor Size

The size of the image sensor is another essential thing that you need to consider while shopping this camera. Larger sensor considered being beneficial, but the budget can surpass the 30,000 limits.  Our team has handpicked and tested sensors in each of the units added in this list so you can choose one of them without any worry.



A DSLR camera is advanced equipment that can provide performance at a pretty high level. Choose the best DSLR camera in India under 30000 from this list, and we can guarantee that you will end up enjoying photography for sure. Buying this camera type is a costly affair, so you need to stay cautious while choosing the right model. Do you still have a concern about the DSLR camera? If yes, then feel free to write to us in the comment section.

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