Best Exercise Cycle in India to lose weight and for workouts at Home


Regular exercise is a necessity if you want to stay fit. A person who exercises daily will automatically generate a positive mindset towards life, he will be able to cope up with daily tasks more efficiently. Including regular exercise in your routine will introduce an aspect of self-discipline in your life, and thus helping you to become a better person. But in today’s busy lifestyle, no one has time to visit a gym on daily basis. A common person, doing a 9 to 5 job is not able to find out time for his gym. In this article, We will help you find the Best Exercise Cycle in India.

Also, if you are a person who is afraid of going to a crowded gym and even the thought of doing so, brings you out in cold sweat and your heart pumping for all the wrong reasons. You must consider the idea of creating a personalized gym at your home. In this way, you can save a lot of time that otherwise will be wasted in going to the gym. Also, when you are doing your work out at your home alone, there will be minimal distractions that can potentially interrupt your exercise. You will be able to avoid the traffic that you might encounter on the road on a bike.

The modern generation of smart indoor exercise bikes is very desirable. Many of the latest exercise bikes can also be connected and linked up to the training apps on your phone like it, which depends upon Google maps in order to stimulate route. There are many virtual reality training programs like Zwift, which will help you to achieve the fitness goal in your mind. You will be burning more and more calories with every session.


Here is a list of the top ten best exercise cycle available in India:


The detailed description of the individual workout bikes is given below

Cockatoo Imported Air Bike Multifunction Function/Exercise Cycle (Bike & Cross Trainer)

Cockatoo Imported AB-01 Multi-Function Exercise Bike, Air Bike

Free shipping
Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
Rs. 6,899 Rs. 11,200

Cockatoo cycles manufacture best exercise cycles for home. This is a sporty looking cycle, that comes in orange color. The product includes no batteries. The bike can easily take load up to 120 kgs and the height of the seat can also be adjusted according to the preferences of the owner. The bike racks a magnetic resistance by which you can change the pedaling tension but it is adequately silent and makes no extra loud noises. The cycle comes with a digital monitor that shows all the useful information like distance covered and calories burnt, which makes it very easy to use. The wheels of the bike are made up of PVC plastic and are adequately strong and durable too. The product also comes with a warranty. Here are some of the key features of the bike.

  • It comes with dual-action handlebars that help in engaging the upper and lower body during the workout.
  • The peddling tension can be adjusted easily with just turn of a knob.
  • It has PVC plastic wheels and a sturdy steel frame design with a shaker which makes is very durable.
  • The digital display keeps a track on the time, speed, distance covered and calories burned.
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Lifeline Air Bike – Lifeline Exercise Cycle

Lifeline Air Bike

Free shipping
Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
Rs. 6,356 Rs. 10,500

Lifeline Exercise Cycle is one of the Cheap and Best Exercise Cycle in India. The height of this lifeline exercise cycle is 40 inches and the bike is designed with dual action thus it can be helpful in toning your arms while you are working out and toning your legs and thigh muscles. The bike cans are used for a full-body cardio workout which will help you in burning a lot more calories. The knob of the bike is a micro-adjustable unit which will help you in adjusting the strength and tension on the wheel as per your preferences.

The cycle comes with an electronic meter display unit which records and displays speed, distance, time, pulse, scan, and approximate calorie burnt. The arms handle of the bike comes with thick padding for better and easy grip and the easy to adjust seat position makes it an ergonomic product to ride on while burning the extra fat. lifeline exercise cycle has a steel frame construction making it very strong and durable. The saddle of the seat is very comfortable and supportive at the same time. The bike weighs about 19 kg and can easily carry a load of 100 kg.

If rowing and running is currently something you are willing to do, this bike would be perfect for you to tone your muscle and burn your calories. Just place your arms on the handlebar and sit on the comfortable saddle and tone your arms and legs by the continuous to and fro motion of the paddling. Some of the key features of this bike are listed below.

  • Lifeline exercise cycle is a specially designed non-motorised exercise cycle for home use.
  • It comes with an electronic meter which displays distance covered, time, calories burnt, scan and speed.
  • The strength can be manually adjusted with the help of a tension knob
  • The arms of the bike are adequately padded for extra comfort, it has ergonomically adjustable reach arm.
  • This Lifeline exercise cycle has a steel frame construction and the seat height can be easily adjusted
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Reach AB-100 Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles, Adjustable Cushioned Seat

Reach AB-100 Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Moving Handles, Adjustable Cushioned Seat, Best Cardio Fitness Machine for Weight Loss

Free shipping
Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
Rs. 6,498 Rs. 12,000

it is very easy to use a bike and is specially designed for home use. This air bike has a fan based running mechanism and the strong resistance can be regulated manually by using a knob. It comes with a vertically adjustable seat that has an adequately padded saddle which is supremely comfortable. This bike features a digital meter display that shows distance, speed, time and calories burnt. The bike can easily handle the weight of a person whose weight is 100 kg. some of the key features of this bike are

  • It has a 1 pc crank system and can easily handle a maximum user weight of 100 kg.
  • The tension of the wheels can be easily adjusted by using a knob with turn mechanism. It has a unique design non-slip paddles which will help in maintaining a good pace during your workout.
  • The bike features an ergonomically adjustable reach arm with padded arms for better grip.
  • The bike comes with a 1-year
  • It is easy to adjust the seat height of the bike to your preferred Also, you can easily assemble the bike by yourself.


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Body Gym Stamina Air Bike With Back Support

Body Gym Stamina Air Bike With Back Support

Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
Rs. 6,358 Rs. 12,589

the bike weighs over 20 kg and is specifically made for home usage and home gym exercises. The bike comes with an electronic display which contains 5 windows which displays time, speed, distance, pulse rate, calorie system etc. so we can surely say that this bike is loaded with the essential technology. the strong resistance of the bike can be manually controlled with an adjusting knob.

The seat can also be adjusted to meet the requirements and preferences of the user. It can handle a maximum weight of 90 kg which is certainly a drawback of this bike, but considering the price at which it is available on Amazon, this is a bank for a buck product. The seat also comes with a backrest attached to it which makes it even more comfortable to use by the senior citizens and the one who is suffering from back pain and other back related problems. The handle of the cycle can be used in both the modes, you can use it while handle movement or you can choose it to remain at a fixed position. The cycle has a belt drive system instead of the regular chain system. Some key features of the bike include. undoubtedly this also one of the Best Exercise Cycle in India.

    • It has a 5 window monitor display with all sort of information that you will need.
    • The resistance system can be manually controlled.
    • The cycle comes with adjustable seats f/b and amp.
    • It can easily support a user of weight 90 kg
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Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Bike with Back Rest

Powermax Fitness BX-110SX Bike with Back Rest

Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
Rs. 11,200 Rs. 16,800

this bike has the capability of turning any room into your personal gym. It is a foldable unit and offers all the essential features that you will require for a cardio workout. The seat has a high-density foam padding on it and can be easily adjusted to meet the requirements of the user. To provide the optimum support and comfort levels it comes with an integrated backrest. The bike features an easy to read computer display to help you track your progress as you go. The footsteps of the counterweighted paddles are also adjustable for the safest ride, the resistance can also be adjusted to provide continuous resistance for powerful training sessions.

You can simply fold this bike once you are finished with your workout, as the bike features an innovative design frame in which the conveniently placed handles below the seat can be used to store and transport the bike. The bike has 8 levels of manually adjustable training intensity and can bear a maximum weight of 110 kg. the breaks are applied through a magnet and the bike has a one-way ribbed belt drive system. This is one of the most feature-loaded bikes on the list, some of them are listed below

      • It has an LCD display with great visibility which shows speed, time, calories burnt and pulse rate.
      • It has a 4 kg flywheel
      • The training intensity can be adjusted manually between the 8 levels.
      • The bike has a magnet powered brake system.
      • It can bear a maximum weight of 110 kg
      • It has transport roller with wheels for easy and smooth movement.
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      LEEWAY Exercise Cycle with Back Support and Twister for Home Use (Red)

      LEEWAY Exercise Cycle with Back Support and Twister for Home Use (Red)

      Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
      Rs. 5,999 Rs. 10,500

      exercise cycles are used with a purpose of increasing general fitness, weight loss and for preparations for cycling events. These bikes have been in used for a long time as a therapy because of their low-impact, safe and effective cardiovascular exercise. The low impact reduces the stress on your joints and does not involve sporadic motions that are required by other fitness equipment. They impose a certain level of resistance mechanically to give a good overview. It is a multicolor bike with an appealing sporty look. The strength tension can be manually adjusted by using a micro adjustment knob. The seat can be manually adjusted and comes with integrated back support and twister mechanism. The build quality of the bike is very good as it features a strong frame. It also has a good quality digital display. Some of the key features of the bike are mentioned below.

            • Easy to assemble
            • Premium quality digital display
            • Strong metal frame.
            • Adjustable seat with back support and twister
            • Micro-adjustable tension


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      JSB Cardio Max Magnetic Upright Fitness Bike Exercise Cycle

      Cardio Max JSB HF73 Magnetic Upright Bike Fitness Exercise Cycle (Silver)

      Free shipping
      Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
      Rs. 19,500

      It is an advanced level upright bike for fitness exercise, the bike is a very cost-effective solution for everyday exercise and fitness needs. This is a heavy duty magnetic bike that has a 4 kg flywheel to improve the smoothness of the cycling experience. It has a digital display which shows all the related information’s like speed, distance, pulse, calories, and total distance traveled, it also has pulse sensors integrated on the handles of the cycle.

      The display sources power from a pair of AA batteries. You can adjust the intensity of the exercise by using an 8 level tension control system as per the different athletic needs of the user. You can manually adjust the seat height of the fitness bike according to your comfort. It can easily fit in your house, thanks to the innovative, compact design. The bike is amazingly silent and does not make any annoying noises. The bike has a one-year national warranty. Some of the key features of the bike are mentioned below.

            • It is a magnetic upright x bike with a kg flyweight and 3 cranks which improves the smoothness of the cycling experience
            • Compact in nature and saves space.
            • Its digital display shows time, speed and total distance traveled.
            • It can easily bear a maximum weight of up to 100 kg
            • It has 16 level tension control
            • Back handle assembly is supported by the backrest support.
            • Non-slip foot pedals with adjustable foot straps.
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      Powermax Fitness EH 250S Cross Trainer with Seat

      Powermax Fitness EH-250S - Elliptical Cross Trainer/Cycle with Adjustable Seat

      Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
      Rs. 19,000 Rs. 38,547

      Powermax Fitness Cycle is none of your regular exercise bikes, rather it is a cross trainer. It is used to exercise the arms and legs while simulating the activity of walking, running or stair climbing. This is designed to reduce stress and joint pain caused by the impact of the foot on any hard surface. Like all the other exercise, it comes equipped with a digital display which records many aspects of your workout like distance traveled, calorie burn, speed and it also have an integrated hand pulse sensor. The braking on this bike is handled by a magnet system and the bike has a two-way ribbed belt drive system. You can adjust the training intensity as per your preference and choose from 8 levels.

      For easy transport, the bike has rollers integrated into it. When assembled it has dimensions of 104*28*58 cm. The bike can easily handle a maximum weight of 110 kg. the key features of the bike are given below.

            • Price on Amazon: 17,999 Rs
            • It can bear a maximum weight of 110 kg
            • Powermax Fitness Cycle has an 8 level adjustable training intensity.
            • It has an integrated seat for bike function.
            • Powermax Fitness EH 250S also has floor leveler and integrated roller for easy transport.
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      LEEWAY Steel Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Back Support (Black)

      LEEWAY Steel Air Bike Exercise Cycle with Back Support (Black)

      Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
      Rs. 7,499 Rs. 12,800

      This bike has a manual belt brake resistance system and is powered by a pair of 1.5 volt AA  batteries. It has fiber wind wheels and consists of an adjustable tension strap with control knobs. The drive system of this bike use a chain unit and the bike have self-balancing pedals with a close spacing which are large enough to absorb impact and will surely fit any size user, it ensures gentle movements to reduce lower body stress. The bike has a moving handlebar unit with foam hand grips. It has multi feedback readout display which is an LCD computerized display unit showing time, sped, distance and calories.

      The extra sturdy and stable steel frame construction is fairly durable and can easily support a maximum of 125 kg weight. The bike has two coats of electrostatically powder coatings to eliminate corrosion and chip resistance. The bike has a single piece crank assembly. Some key features of the bike include:

            • The bike has a 5 window monitor display.
            • The seat can be adjusted F/B and amp.
            • The bike can take on 125 kg with ease.
            • This bike has a manually controllable resistance system.
            • The bike can be easily assembled.
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      Leeway Air Bike with Back Support

      Leeway Air Bike with Back Support | Deluxe Design Lifeline for Cardio Fitness Work Out | RED

      Last update was in: September 26, 2021 3:10 PM
      Rs. 6,999 Rs. 14,700

      The bike has a manual belt brake resistance system with a chain drive system. The electronic display seeks power from a pair of 1.5 volt AA batteries, it shows all the relevant pieces of information like speed, distance covered, calorie burn etc. the bike has a self-balancing pedal with close spacing and large size to fit any size and provide gentle movements to reduce lower body stress. The handlebar of this bike is fixed at one position and the bike have a single piece crank assembly.

      Leeway Air Bike has an extra sturdy and stable steel frame construction which is highly durable and also the frame has two layers of electrostatically coated powder for advanced protection from rust and chip resistance. The bike can easily bear a user of weight 125 kg, but it is recommended to have an extra 10 kg buffer. The exercise cycle does not require any skills for installation as the bike come 60 percent pre-installed. Some of the key features of this bike are mentioned below.

            • The bike has a 5 window monitor display
            • It has an exercise fan with the fan wheel
            • Its maximum user weight is 125 kg
            • The bike has a manual control resistance system
            • It is easy to assemble.

      Advantages of buying Exercise cycles for home

      While planning, how your personal gym will look like. Just keep one thing in your mind, no gym is complete without an exercise cycle. And if cycling appeals your eyes, you should look for the best exercise cycle in India that is available on Amazon on very reasonable prices.

          • These bikes are less bulky when compared to the space consuming treadmills and cross-trainers.
          • It is a time-efficient option for those with a busy schedule as it will swerve the journey to and from the gym.
          • You will be sheltered from the elements while enjoying the same health benefits and performance improvements all within the comfort zone of your home. The idea of pedaling away in front of your TV screen will surely attract your interest


      How to choose from the best exercise cycle in India for Home workouts.

      After reading about all the best exercise bikes in India, you must now be confused about which bike is perfect for you. Which bike you should buy and which one will best meet your requirements. So here is a complete guide for you to choose the best suitable bike for you.

      In general, the cheap bikes have a more basic and simple feature set, like a configurable workout resistance and some programming options. The ones that come in a mid-range have a better-built quality and also are a lot more silent and make lesser noise, the overall feel of these bikes is solid and sturdy. The bikes that fall in the category of the high-end ones have more advanced features like for instance a  more accurate and detailed computer, various preset workout programmes, options of setting different user profiles, longer warranty, and multi-resistance levels.

      Before buying a bike you must ask your self a question. Just how advanced you need your bike to be?  Once you have figured out the answer to this question, you are already halfway in getting your exercise bike. Most of the times, peoples tend to overestimate their abilities and they think that they will easily manage to keep up with the workout plan that is hovering in their minds. This leads them to buy the most expensive bikes. Once you have made realistic decisions regarding the estimated usage of the bike, you can easily choose the bike that fits your fitness goals.

      • Features are a must. No matter how much money you are going to spend your bike, every piece of the exercise equipment must have at least some of the basic features. Your bike must have various different resistance levels, the seat should be adjustable according to your needs, and also the saddle must be adequately comfortable as you are going to spend a considerable amount of time sitting on it. You can also opt for aftermarket seats that come with gel or padding. Comfort has to be on priority, regardless of your budget. The pedals must be wide and they must also have some strapping to make sure that your feet will not slip while your workout. The computer that is built in the bike must show basic stats like speed, time, calorie burned and distance traveled.
      • Safety should be on top of your priority list and the bike you are searching for must have enclosed mechanics for better safety. If you are planning to set the bike in your household with small kids, you should pay attention to their safety and the way the exercise bike is built. Thousands of young children get injured while using exercise equipment in their early ages. To avoid that, make sure that the mechanics of the bike are covered, parts like chains and the flywheels must be enclosed well within the cycle to eliminate the chances of any potential injury as the children can get their fingers cut or other body parts stuck in the moving parts of the bike.
      • Those who are looking forward to doing cardio workouts over 30 minutes sessions, a hybrid position is recommended, a bike that will provide a good back position as well as sufficient peddling power. Users who perform a varied routine with frequent changes of positions will be able to find a good mix of endurance and comfort.
      • The console: exercise bikes are fitted with a console that displays helpful information regarding your session, such as your speeddistance traveled, riding time, average calories burned.
      • Check which measurement readings are displayed on the console, it’s built-in training programmes that let you analyze your performance and progress, as well as its compatibility with other devices (coach or MP3). Some models also display your heart rate and come equipped with a heart-rate belt (the most accurate way to measure your heart rate).
      • Make sure the data displayed on the console is clear and large enough to read (display screen size, back-light, etc.).
      • Seat and handlebars: We recommend a bike with a seat and handlebars that can be adjusted both height-wise and depth-wise. The height of the saddle should be adjusted so that your leg is slightly bent when the pedal is at its lowest.

      Some of the seats can also be adjusted depth-wise. Likewise, certain models provide the option of adjusting both the height and the angle of the handlebar. Some bikes are designed to provide user-friendly adjustments and an upright sitting position regardless of your height.

      Some of the more high-tech brands give you the ability to calculate your desired heart rate, it gives you, even more, control over how much exercise you will be getting. If you want to know the statistics of your workout, there are also a few exercise bicycles that offer this information in digital form. Tracking your progress is made easier with these functions.


      Frequently asked questions related to best exercise cycle in India

      What should be the weight of the exercise cycle?
      The more the bike weighs, the more stable it will get. You must check for weight as stability is one of the most important factors related to exercise. Getting injured during the workout is the last thing you will want, if your bike is wobbling, then you must forget about it immediately. For heavy bikes, transportation wheels are very important to move them from one room to another in your house. Otherwise, you are going to face some tough times moving your machine from one place to another.


      Can exercise cycle be used for sports training?
      Yes, If you want a bike for high-performance use for intense training for a sport, or for an intense cardio workout, then you must take into consideration the peddling power of the bike as it is a key factor. The maximum power can be transferred to the pedals in accordance to get the desired objective.

      Do these exercise cycles make noise?
      While noise must not be a big issue for every user, you must keep in mind that, according to the bike’s resistance, some bikes are quieter than others. The ones that include a fan tends to be more noise producing as they feature air resistance. The harder you paddle the stronger will be the breeze and the louder will be the sound produced. Most of the bike available in the market don’t make unbearable and annoying sounds, but if for instance, you are a guy who prefers to watch TV or listen to music during the workout session, the noise might bother you and you will feel uneasy in doing your exercise.


      Do exercise cycle require a lot of maintaining?
      Most of the indoor bikes require very little maintenance at all, regular oiling and greasing of the moving parts and joints will be sufficient. Just some batteries are to be replaced after regular intervals.


      How to assemble the exercise cycle?
      Some companies and brands offer assembly service, but most of the companies don’t. However, it is very easy to assemble a bike with just some little amount of skills. You can take help of the assembly video on youtube.

      Which is the best website to buy best exercise cycle online in India?

      As per our experience, Buying exercise cycle from Amazon is always the best option as they have the best customer support and quick delivery.

      Which is the Best Exercise Cycle For Weight Loss at Home?
      All above cycles mentioned can help you losing weight loss.



      This is all you need to consider before buying the Best Exercise Cycle in India, I have covered all the aspects that are important for a user. There is an exercise bike available for every person, you just have to prioritize your needs first and then search for the best bike that fits in your budget. A home gym with an exercise bike will help in burning a lot more calories and will take you to your goal of achieving a fit lifestyle with a lot faster pace.

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