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Symbolic love towards south Indian foods

Food is all about taste, love, culture, tradition, strength and an untold feeling of immense enjoyment. This is the power of food. Every nation has its own style. We find multiple varieties of food in the world where people are stuck to it in their daily life. South Indian is in such category in the southern part of India where we could see that love and respect of people towards their food. It is one of the famous dishes in India which is flavored with absolute Indian spices. Few dishes are always trending in different states of India which upholds their culture. South Indian foods are full of masala for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. People never compromise with the taste of spices. That true taste of Indian spices we could see in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra, and Kerala.


Karnataka Platter (Best south Indian foods – Karnataka)

Karnataka cooking is comprised of a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. It is featured by unique texture and taste. Main parts of Karnataka like Udupi, Kodagu, Mangalore, Malnad add a more traditional touch with local Indian spices which are rich in taste and has a strong stand and name in the states of Karnataka.


Masala Dosa

This is the popular and easily available recipe anywhere in Karnataka. That crispy and thin large circled dosa with potato palya and coconut chutney is a well-combined creation. Usually, it is served on a banana leaf which looks colorful and tempting. The butter which melts in Dosa and the welcoming aroma you get when the masala dosa is served hot is all a hungry stomach needed.


Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa is completely different from other Dosas. This is a soft and light paper thin dosa which you get in Malnad and coastal areas of Karnataka. Once you start eating, it’s not necessary to count a number of dosas going inside your tummy because you cannot stop yourself eating which exceeds your limit. That’s the best of it.


Mangalore Buns

Mangalore Buns has a puri kind of shape with a mild taste of sweet served with coconut chutney.  You get a sweetness of Banana which is blended with the maida flour and kept overnight to get a perfect smooth bun. It is served as a breakfast recipe and evening snack as well. It is popular in places like Mangalore and Udupi.


Korri Gasi

Korri gasi is a South Indian Mangalore recipe combined with lots of spices and freshly grated coconut. It is a semi gravy dish served with neer dosa, rice, roti. Korri gasi is a word of the local language, it means chicken gravy. It has a huge demand in the Karnataka and outsiders prefer eating chicken gravy and people visit again and again for the such a lovely food.


Mysore Pak

South India is also famous for sweets. One of the famous and demanding sweets of Karnataka is Mysore Pak. Easy and also a simple dish but has a rich taste. The ghee flavor is incredible in Mysore Pak and celebrations during the festivals are incomplete with Mysore Pak.


Coorg Pandi Curry (Pork Curry)

One of the mesmerizing recipes of Karnataka is Pork Curry of Coorg. People visit Coorg keeping this a reason. You stick to the taste of it if you try. Lots of Indian spices make this dish out of the world. Coorg is the best tourist place and also a place of homemade and healthy wine. Coorg is also called as the “Scotland of India”.


Bisi Bele Bath

A pure vegetarian recipe of Karnataka is Bisi Bele Bath. Super Breakfast recipe filled with vegetables and Indian bisi bele bath masala prepared at home. You get the sweet, coconut and also tamarind flavor in the dish. ‘Bisi’ means ‘hot’. Eat hot and enjoy South Indian recipe.


Tatte Idli

Idli is a well-known breakfast recipe of India and most preferable Indian recipe. Tatte idli is a bit different from other idlis. It is a flat plate-like shape idli having a soft literally soft texture. Chutney and sambar is the best combination and wherever you find tatte idli in Karnataka hotels, you could see a rushing queue.



Halbai is a sweet recipe made from rice, coconut, and jaggery. It is famous in the regions of malnad and prepared during festive seasons. Coconut flavor in the sweet is an outstanding aspect of this dish. Sweet lovers would definitely love Haalbai.


Chitranna, Pulav, Khara bath, Vangi bath, Kesari bath are also popular as Tiffen. Ragi Mudde, rice, sambar, rasam, Chutney, pickle, gravy with lots of spices, different vegetable palyas and curd are the best and finger licking meals of South Karnataka.


All the non-vegetarian recipes are normally blended with chilies, local spices and lots of coconuts. Mainly in coastal areas and Malnad region, we find people using the above ingredients more in their daily foods. People prefer rice, rice noodles and akki rotti for the non-vegetarian dishes. Chicken gravy, fish curry, Pork curry are all heavy with spices. Malnad food is the combination of Mangalore and Coorg style. Coorg is a place of wine and pork. Undoubtedly you can opt this place to hang out with friends and family. For tender and fresh fish curry and fry, must place to visit in Karnataka is Mangalore.


Karnataka is also famous for its desserts and sweets. Obbattu, Akki, Shavige, and Bele Payasa flavored by cardamom are the common sweet dishes of South. Most of the temples serve bele payasa which has its own taste and flavor cooked with coconut.


Tamil Nadu Cuisines – (Best south Indian foods – Tamil Nadu)


Tamil Nadu people are much likely towards rice. It is a part of their daily meal and they never end up their food without rice. They are good to go with both mild and spicy dishes in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. There are varieties in curries and gravies which has a mandatory tamarind touch and that’s the plus point of their recipe.


Vegetable Sambar

 Vegetable Sambar is a popular South Indian dish with a tangy flavor in it.   Famous vegetables like Drumsticks, Brinjal, Potatoes, Radish, Pumpkin are used to prepare sambar. Combination of different vegetables gives its own mixed flavor and the tempered curry enhances the flavor as well. It is brilliant with Dosa, Idli, Rice etc.



Uttapam is the special breakfast recipes of Tamil Nadu. A soft texture in the middle and crispy at the sides gives a wonderful feel to your mouth. And also, the toppings of tomato, onion, and capsicum is delicious to eat. Coconut chutney is the best combination of uttapam and also Dosa, Idli, and Vada. People are used to this chutney which balances with all breakfasts. Spice lovers can also try with chili chutney for more crazy hot taste.



Muruku is a famous tea break snack which got its origin in Tamil Nadu. It is the best and popular snack of Tamil Nadu which looks more like a twisted puzzle.



Pongal is a festival dish of Tamil Nadu and they dedicate it to Sun god during a festival. Sweet and also spicy Pongal is prepared, at the time of a festival.


Tangy rasam 

Rasam is the tastiest tadka of Tamil Nadu. Normally it is poured on the rice like a sambar. The strong sour flavor of tamarind in the rasam is just wow. And in hotels, rasam is a must for a south Indian meal.


More than non-vegetarian we can see unique taste and specialty in vegetarian foods at Tamil Nadu. Non-veg is also followed by lots of Indian spices and most of the celebrations or occasions is enjoyed by having a different delicious variety of non-veg dishes.


Kerala Menu – ( Best south Indian foods – Kerala)


People of Kerala are foodies and they never compromise with the taste. People love their food and expect their food to be at the place where they go. That’s the taste of Kerala food. People from all over the world talk about the flavor and taste of the food which has a traditional touch combined with spices. Kerala is also the best tourist place to visit with family, friends and also for the newly wedded couples. Now let’s talk about the mind-blowing foods of Kerala.


Puttu, Kadala Curry

Puttu is a breakfast recipe which is made of Rice flour and coconut shavings. It is steamed well and served hot with Kadala ( Black Chickpeas ) Curry. Every hotel of Kerala serves only with this curry. But, it is up to your taste. You can also eat with a banana by mixing it with the puttu which gives you a different and new taste.



One more breakfast recipe you cannot come out of it is Appam. The soft texture in the middle and crispy outside is just mesmerizing.  The best combination to this dish is coconut curry. Again, you can also have it with any curries. This is the most popular breakfast of Kerala and people love and enjoy eating it.


Chicken Fry

The spicy chicken fry of the land of the sea leaves you crazy. You could get that hot spices in this dish which is a complete dried fry with lots of Onions in it. Each of the chicken pieces is completely blended with masala and you will be able to experience the exact hotness of masala.


Beef Fry ( Kerala Style)

Beef fry actually makes you fall in love with it. Beef fry is a very popular dish of Kerala. The spices, flavor, aroma of the hot and spicy beef fry makes you craving.


Fish Molee

Fish is obvious in the coastal area where you get to taste fresh and tender fishes which adds an incredible taste to the curry, gravy, fry or any fish recipes.  Fish Molee is one of the best and outstanding fish recipe of Kerala made out of coconut milk, Indian spices, and Kokum. The specialty of fish molee is, it is cooked in an earthen pot which also adds up a kind of decent nice flavor to the curry.


A Tea with Banana fritters ( Pazham Pori )

It is a simple and easy recipe made of Ripened Bananas coated by a plain flour and deep fried. The Pazham Pori when served hot with a cup of tea just enjoy the flavor of the Banana and the mild sweetness of it. You would demand more if you stuck with the taste.



A pure wholesome vegetarian Kerala cuisine, when served in a fresh Banana leaf, gives an awesome feeling and exhibit the tradition of Kerala. Onam is the popular festival of Kerala and without sadhya onam is incomplete. Sadhya means a complete veggie meal which has rice,sambar, pickle, avial, ginger and tamarind pickle, papad, buttermilk, dhal and ghee, banana chips, and many more and you get the coconut flavor as Keraleans use coconut oil to almost all the spicy dishes.


Ada Pradhaman

A popular dessert of Kerala is Ada pradhaman which is a payasa made of jaggery, coconut milk, and rice. It is served at the end of sadhya. This is the best Kheers of Kerala.


Tastes of Andhra – (Best south Indian foods – Andhra)


Andhra food is known for its spices all over the country. The culture of this place is shown through their dishes comprised of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Since the year of their origin, they have maintained the same flavor and taste in their dishes which can be easily recognized in their food. The famous Hyderabadi Biryani, rice, pickles, chutney are all the highlighting dishes of the state.


Chepa Pulusu

Chepa Pulusu is a fish curry cooked well with the tamarind juice and blended with hot spices for a dominating flavor and taste. Any restaurants of Telangana serves you Chepa Pulusu which goes well with hot steamed rice.


Gongura Pickle Ambadi

A sharp tangy taste and spicy pickle you must taste is Gongura Pickle made with Sorrel or Ambadi leaves. It is famous in the states of Maharashtra and Andhra restaurants and paired well with chapathi and hot rice.


Chicken Biryani

The definition of Biryani you would get practically is in Andhra. Mouthwatering and mesmerizing taste of Biryani would never let you go out of it.  Once you get that taste in your mind, you will be never satisfied with any of other biryani. The herbs, spices, and vegetables mixed with the chicken and rice make you crazy.



Boorelu is a traditional recipe prepared for poojas and functions at home. It is served with ghee and made with jaggery and Urad Dal.


Jackfruit Curry

Jackfruit curry is a rare dish and we hardly find this curry in other states. Jackfruit curry is prepared in the marriage functions of Andhra and it is a special veg dishes of Andhra.


Andhra Pepper Chicken

Pepper chicken is one of the hottest recipes of Andhra. It is a complete dry fry which has a sharp flavor of pepper, roasted onions, green chilies, curry leaves, and lemon juice. People who are mad of spicy recipes must try Andhra Pepper Chicken.


Eggplant Curry

Eggplant Curry is known as Gutti Vankaya Koora in Andhra. A special dish cooked in every house and also restaurants. Eggplant is stuffed with roasted herbs and spices and cooked with other masalas to get the delicious output. You would love eating rice and rotis more than usual with this thick gravy.


Upma, Pulihora, and Pesarattu

These are the famous and demanding recipes of Andhra. A day with such a delicious breakfast makes you and your tummy happy. Pesarattu is a green gram Dosa, Pulihora is a rice item blended with tamarind juice and spices which is a quick and easy recipe to prepare. Upma is a known recipe and also the fast-moving breakfast of Andhra hotels.


Palakura Pappu

This is a must recipe in an Andhra meal. It is one of the popular south Indian foods. Hot rice, Pappu and ghee on the top is the dominating part of the Andhra meal. Pappu can be highlighted with palak, tomato and also raw mango. It is a kind of Dal which has a thick consistency.


Brown Soup or Rasam

A brown soup which is called Ulava Charu is a thick horse gram rasam served with hot rice and it is also one of the healthy soups.


People creation is something unique in nature. Following tradition, culture and bringing that in the food shows their love towards their place. We get to see plenty and varieties of food in one single place and experiencing that food in that place is a magic. You don’t get the same taste in the duplicates.That’s the beauty of people, place, and food.  Each and every ingredient, spices has its own value in its birthplace and making use of it in the right way is our duty. Travel around, eat and enjoy each and every moment of life that’s all we need eventually.

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Best south Indian foods you should have in your wedding party

Food is one of the important things in marriage functions. In marriage food should be good and people should praise it. If food is good and tasty then only people will say like marriage was good. We can say like many people attending the marriage will be fond of variety of food items and they will be very much interested in tasting all food items. Yes almost everyone wants tasty food. Especially in marriages food should be very tasty and mouth watering. Depending on the place, food items also change. In different areas different kind of food will be prepared. Almost all places will be having their own special recipe. Our country is full of variety of people and variety of tastes. It has so many food items.


South India has got very tasty and variety of food items. It could be veg or non-veg, we have got variety of tasty food items in south India. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana are the states in Southern India. Andaman and Nicobar, Puducherry, Lakshadweep are the union territories in South India. Most popular cities are Bangalore, Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad etc. Each place has its own special food item. Based on state, the food will change. As we have different custom in each state for marriage like that we have got different variety of food style in each state in South India.


In Karnataka we can have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Most common food items seen in marriages in Karnataka are Jolada Rotti, Akki Rotti, Ragi Rotti, Bisibele Bath, Chapati, Saambaru, Idli-Vade, Khara Bath, Vangi Bath, Davanagere benne dose, Holige, Mysore pak, Dharwad pedhe, Gokak karadantu, Chiroti etc.


In Kerala we can see Olan, Kaalan, Thoran, Avial, variety of pickles, Banana chips, Banana chips, Kerala Pappadam, PAchadi and Kichadi, Erissery or Kootu curry etc.


In Andhra Pradesh we can have Vepudu,Gojju, Podi, Chapati, Pulusu, Nokulu Annam,Atukulu, Gunta punukulu, GArelu, Mong dal punukulu, Thapala Chekkulu etc


In Tamil Nadu we can have idli, dosai, Pongal, Uppuma, Coconut chutney, Seeyam, Kavuni arisi and athirasam, kadikhooz, boiled rice, soup,kootu, rasam, kara kuzhambu etc.


Above mentioned list of food items for marriages based on states is very short and we cannot cover all food items. South India has got very large list of food items for marriages based on the place and custom.


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