Most Comfortable 6 Types of Bras for Different Jobs


6 Different Types of Bras for Different Jobs

It’s great to see how the women of our country have broken barriers to set foot in the real world. Today, there is nothing that can be called male-dominated. Women have proven that there is no area of work that is too much for them to handle. To make every woman put her best foot forward in the career of her choice, we have clubbed some of the most functional bras that will make her feel comfortable, supported, and to be at her very best whatever be the nature of the job.


1.   Office Goers (T-shirt Bra, Moulded Bra)

Nerve-wracking deadlines and round-the-clock work schedules might keep you busy and an inappropriate bra is the last thing you want to get hooked up with. Desk jobs usually don’t involve much movement and hence there isn’t a need for a supportive bra, but your formals demand a neat, unfussy, and practical inner garment that stays all day long. A t-shirt bra would be the wisest choice here; with molded cups for shape and adequate padding for nipple coverage, it is a wonderful choice that will keep you secured however long your day is.


2.  First Responders ( Padded Bra with Wide Straps)

It is not an easy task to be a rescue worker or a first responder. There might be an emergency situation during any time of the day, and it is they who value others’ lives over their own. During times like these,  a woman rescue worker would require a padded bra with wider straps that will support and bear the heaviness of the breasts in all the heroic deeds she is set to perform. Back, neck and shoulder pain can all be avoided when the right support is assured.


3.  Gym Instructors (Sports Bra)

Physical workouts involve a lot of sweat, bounce, and muscle movement. For a tough and sweat-worthy job as that of a gym instructor, there could be nothing better than a sports bra. Its removable padding, supportive racerback, and moisture-wicking fabric can bring out the best version of you in guiding and motivating other women in becoming fitter.


4.  Feeding Mothers (Nursing Bra)

Probably the sweetest, most emotional, and toughest job in the world; it is quite important to identify a bra for feeding mothers. A nursing bra is the most opted piece of lingerie in this case. The leak-proof cups, front opening, and the broad shoulder straps altogether ensure easy feeding even on a busy day.


5. Retail Sales Workers (Supportive Seamed Bra)

While it might sound really interesting to convince a person to buy something, it requires a lot of effort to step out there and be presentable in front of a customer. Right from checking the inventory to closing the counter, there is a lot a retail sales worker would be doing in a day. A seamed bra with supportive side boning will do the magic of keeping you self-assured, confident, focused on work, and remain unworried about wardrobe mishaps.


6. Medical Nurse (Neutral Bra)

It takes a lot to be a health care provider considering all that she has to do with taking the utmost care of every patient she is assigned to. Since most of the medical nurses’ uniforms are white, a molded nude bra simply disappears under the dress leaving no signs of bra lines. In fact, a neutral colored bra can be worn beneath any light-shaded or white uniform.

Apart from these, there are different types of bras available in the market such as balconettes, strapless bras, backless bras, stick-on bras, etc. Along with finding bras that are appropriate for the nature of your job, it is also essential to choose bras that complement your outfit. Simply pick the right bra and you don’t have to worry a single day in your career about not feeling comfortable and confident at your workplace.

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