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In a matter of few years, activewear has witnessed a major transformation from gym shorts and baggy sweatpants to fashionable attire designed for everyday use. Of late, people are willing to spend more on their activewear shopping instead of other outfits.  Be it hitting the gym, practicing yoga, lazing around the house or going out for a casual outing with friends, activewear not only comes handy but also offers a classic look that people prefer to flaunt amidst constantly changing fashion trends. Without piercing the bubble of their comfort zone, they want to go for options that can make them look attractive and sexy at the same time.

According to statistics, around 60 per cent of activewear audience is constituted by women. It is because half of the population, which was kept away from the physical workout for a long span, has started realizing that they have the potential too. Some women actually follow a fitness regime to lead a healthy and active life. Though fancy labels on activewear staples do mark a statement, what lies imperative is the comfort quotient that they cater to. Mainly, activewear is designed to offer the right amount of flexibility, comfort, support and protection to the body before being a style quotient of today. However, below are some of the activewear for women that work out quite well for both the looks and body.

women active wear


High-waisted leggings or tights are considered ideal for mostly all the athletic activities. These are crafted with the moisture-wicking fabric that offers breathability and comfort, especially during the summer months. Also, these can be easily layered during the winter season. Most of these tights come with an internal waistband pocket in which you can stash your essentials like keys, cards or cash while working out.


Workout Tee

Workout tees function really well when it comes to running, training or layering all year round. These gym T-shirts are designed with a fabric material that feels soft and smooth on the skin. Also, these are the ones that provide flexibility while exercising. From full or half sleeves to sleeveless, these are available in different styles. Moreover, there are tees that fall loose on the body and ensure free body movements while practicing yoga or exercising in the gym. Additionally, these are available in different sizes to suit the needs of every body type.


Sports Bra

One of the most common and popular sportswear for women is a sports bra. It works best for sweaty workout and sports sessions. One can wear it during pilates, yoga, spin class, kickboxing and weight training. But, gone are the days when the bra was supposed to be worn under an outfit. Sports bras constitute new fashion when it comes to flaunting the upper body. Be it malls, home or gym, some women prefer to style it from an evolving perspective towards fashion. Additionally, it serves as a stylish and modest choice when it comes to no-show confidence.


Tank Top

Tanks tops not only help to manage perspiration and body temperature better, but they also feature quite a sassy look. Wearing sleeveless clothes add to the comfort value as they allow the body to move freely and work best when working on back muscles. Also, tank tops made with sweat absorbing property serve the best for intense workouts.



From streamlined shorts to moisture absorbing ones, there is a wide range of shorts available in the market. These are considered a must in the kit of any runner, be it a man or woman. However, it is very important to pick the right pair for you as the wrong choice can make you feel uncomfortable and even chafe your inner thighs. Apart from serving the purpose as a popular activewear item, these shorts also go well with casual outings. From meeting a friend in a hurry to getting something from the nearby shop and even visiting supermarkets and malls, these shorts turn out to be an easy, quick and comfy choice. Moreover, these can be styled in an attractive way when worn with an interesting top.


During colder months, we do need a jacket or hoodie to feel warm and throw off the wintery look after a workout. Without making one feel bulky and puffed, these hoodies feature a smart and put-together look. Also, hoodies look best when styled with a tank top or sports bra with a high pony that further defines your features well.

In simple words, activewear for both men and women is no more seen as a divergence from a person’s true dressing style. It fits well in the new swag that comes with an added value of comfort and convenience. So, be it any outfit, let your mind play devil to mark it one among the classics.


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