Places in Bangalore to hangout with Family, Kids or Your Girlfriend


Bangalore is a big city comprised of gardens, terrifying traffic, different people, IT companies, modernity, fun, and lastly a city covered with pollution. Whatever the case is, Bangalore is a place where people would love spending time with their friends, family, colleagues etc. Bangalore is a welcoming city as it has created its own demand by building companies, malls, restaurants, shopping streets, gardens etc. It is grabbing the attention of the people by having such facilities in one place. If you are willing to have the utmost fun, visit Bangalore. Here are the Places in Bangalore to hangout with Family, Kids or Your Girlfriend which would leave the best memories of your life.


Places in Bangalore to hangout / Must Visit Places in Bangalore

  1. Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is located in the middle of Bangalore city covered with an area of 300 acres. Cubbon Park is a place to relax with your family and friends. If you are looking for a calm place in the traffic city, you can come with your loved ones to spend time which is covered with abundant flora and fauna. This place of greenery is the best place to spend time, especially in the evenings. In this sightseeing destination, you can also visit historical buildings like Attara kacheri, Museum and Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall.


  1. Commercial street

Commercial street is the famous shopping hub of Bangalore. You will get to see plenty of shops with varieties of products or goods which starts from small shops and ends with branded shops. If you are a branded freak you are at the right place and who are good to go with any kind of products are also in the right place. This is undoubtedly the best place to hang out with friends to get your stuff for any occasions. This is always a rushy place as this is a well-known place of people in Bangalore.


  1. Go Karting

Go Karting is a thrilling place to hang out with friends. Especially boys would love coming to this place for racing activity. Driving a vehicle for a given distance is called go-kart. A small vehicle is provided seating one member which seems like a car just to have fun and a racing experience to the fullest. Other than this activity, go-karting also include other fun games like bowling or paintball. Some of the famous go-karting places of Bangalore are Grips Go karting and bowling, E-Zone Club, Torq03, Red Riders Go Karting and others.


  1. Wonder La

Wonder La is a place of fun and refreshment. It is one of the Best Places in Bangalore to hangout. The crazy water and dry games of Wonder La attract people who are looking for a thrilling exciting game. You need a complete day to enjoy all the crazy games as you could find so much of rides to experience. The popular games like Rollercoaster, water park, flash tower, Giant Ferris wheel, wonder splash, and Korneto should be in your list. The place also provides you with a safety locker, changing room, food facilities, discounts on tickets for students and many more.


  1. Lal Bagh

Lal Bagh Botanical garden is the historical place of Bangalore and also the most attractive places. The botanical garden is a place of different and rare plants, covered by an area of 240 acres which was commissioned by Hyder Ali and completed by Tipu Sultan. It has a glass house, lake, different species of birds which includes Myna, Crows, Ducks, Kingfisher, Indian Cormorant, Spotted Pelican etc.  This is the popular tourist place of South Bangalore and it also conducts flower show once every year which is beautiful to watch. The rock formation on earth 3000 million years back is an attractive place of lal bagh. It is a noted place for photographers and also the best shooting places in Bangalore.



  1. Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills or Nandi betta of Chikkaballapura district is the popular holiday spot which is 60 km away from Bangalore. Nature lovers would love coming to this place and people fed up of city life prefer visiting this place often as it is close to the city. Tipu drop is the famous part of Nandi hills which is  600 meters high and blockaded for safety purpose. Early morning would be the best time to visit this place to have a heavenly experience. Place covered with fogs and the sun rising from the creamy cloud gives you an amazing feeling. Also, watching a sunset in the evening and the city view from the height is just a wow feel. Planning to visit with your family or friends would give you a short trip experience with lots of fun and happiness.


  1. Brewpubs in Bangalore

Bangalore city is also popular for parties. Pubs and clubs are good in numbers at Bangalore. It is always a trending hub of the city as people expect fun and stress-free places. In such a crowded city with hectic work life, a relaxing place in the weekends is a must. Here are the best brew pubs in Bangalore
garden city to hangout with your pals.


  • Toit Brewpub Bangalore

Toit located at Indiranagar is the most loving places of the customers. The beers here are made of only natural ingredients and different flavors of fruits. The specialty of the beer has made the place more special. And also, the food is always a tempting factor. You just cannot get over with your glass and the delicious food.


  • Vapour Brew Pub Bangalore

Vapour is the place of beer with lots of entertainment and it is for people to spend time with their glass and booze to the fullest. Varieties to look into is champagne, cocktails, wine and non-alcoholic beverages with barbecued seafood. An open rooftop with comfortable and pleasant ambiance gives relaxation to your mind. Vapour located in Indiranagar and Sarjapura gives you a top of the world feeling.


  • Big Brewsky

Big brewsky is an open air place to just settle for few hours with a glass of handcrafted beer by the asuras themselves. The atmosphere and the poolside view creates a romantic environment with pleasant music and delicious food. Reserving your seats should be the first step in your plan to have an absolute enjoyment.


  • Arbor Brewing Company

Boozers team is always there in your friends’ list and for such a team there is always a place to hang out. Arbor Brewing Company is Bangalore ’s premier brewing pub having a Western-style service, handcrafted beer and food with Indian tadka. The place is designed with wooden interiors, indoor games, DJ and finger licking foods.


  1. Night Clubs in Bangalore

If you are looking for Best Places to hangout in Bangalore during Night, Here are some of the Best Suggestions. Below are the Best night clubs in Bangalore.

  • The Humming tree

The place to join with your friends to spend a wonderful time is “The humming Tree” at Indiranagar. This place has a great live concert and a dance floor with extremely loud music. Reserve your seats and have fun with your friends.


  • High Ultra Lounge

High Ultra Lounge is a high open-air view spot of the World Trade Center with the Bar counter, variety of cocktails and DJ parties. It is a modern Asian bar and restaurant making the highest destination in South India located on the 31st floor of World Trade Center of Brigade Gateway Campus, Malleshwaram. This is one of the best places in the city with a breathtaking view.


  • Skyye Ultra Lounge

Skyye located in the UB City of Vittal Mallya Road is the exciting place to refresh your mood with the best cuisines like starters, main course, desserts, and platters. You have varieties to eat and best liquors, fruits, and juices to boost your mood and lovely desserts to complete your day. The dance floor is all yours to step on and get the best experience.


  • Hangover

A hangover is a good place to hangover with friends at Indiranagar. The major attraction at the place is the Volkswagon van turned as a mini bar. It looks unique and service providers are polite and sweet. Try out beer bucket with spicy platters and enjoy the music and have a nice time.


  1. MG Road

This is one of the popular streets of Bangalore and also the crowded places especially at the weekends. The place is for shopping and yummy street foods. Mahatma Gandhi Road is the home for shoppers, who love adding new stuff to their wardrobes. There are lots of interesting shops and stalls to visit and much you wander you will have the great and unique collections of different things.


  1. Social, Whitefield

Social is the weekend place to visit with your gang for drinks or food. Food is the first complimenting factor of this place. It has managed well with its standards and the outside seating is the most likely and chilling aspect of social. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors is a big blast and you can thoroughly enjoy being there.


  1. Barbeque Nation

Barbeque Nation is the place of a foodie person. The unlimited BBQ on the table is the tempting element. The unlimited spicy and hot chicken, mutton and seafood starters are the mouthwatering menus. You can completely satisfy your hunger with starters itself. The vegetarian starters are also killer, lots and lots of varieties makes you crazy. This place is just to enjoy your food and the drinks. This is a comfortable place to visit with your family too. The service providers are so good and well trained. And this is also a place to surprise your loved ones on their birthday and anniversary.


  1. Jakkur Aerodrome

Jakkur Aerodrome provides you a parasailing experience at a height of 200-300 feet above the ground. Youngsters who love adventures should try this in your city to have flying fun. It is the safest sport as the activities are conducted by professionals. Spend your weekend by flying high like a kite and look at your city down. Reasonable price, safe and lovely sport to experience.


  1. Snow City

A snow world is the best entertainment place for children and elders. The coldest place to experience and play. Snow dance, snow castle, snow climbing, snow city lgloo, snow city rafting, snow slide, snow tube are the entertainers of the snow city. Entertain yourself with these activities and feel like a child. Snow city is located at JC Nagar, Fun World Complex.


  1. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta Biological Park is a recreation center close to the city with a Zoo created in 1972 and with a major intention of creating awareness on the importance of protecting flora and fauna.  The park exhibits animals, birds, reptiles, and mammals protected by rescue centers to provide lifetime facilities. Visitors are allowed inside with secured safari ride and watching those wild animals closely is a thrilling experience. Most interesting ones are deer, King Cobra, Bears, Panthers, Crocodiles, Tigers and different types of birds. This biological Park interests children more as the flora and fauna are vanishing in the present world.


  1. Orion Mall

Orion Mall is one of the leading malls of Bangalore and a friendly mall to the shoppers. It is combined with Indian brands, lifestyle, daily needs, food courts, multiplex, games, and a beautiful lake view. This is the luxurious and well-planned mall occupying a space of more than 50,000 sq.ft in Bangalore. This is the best and the largest mall in Bangalore. Since it is a big one you won’t feel the place is crowdy. You can spend a whole day with family and friends as you have so much to see.


  1. Iskcon Temple

Isckon is the beautiful Radha and Krishna temple of Rajajinagar, Bangalore. It is also one of the largest Iskcon temples of the world inaugurated in 1997. Iskcon is a charitable society having an objective of cultivating Krishna awareness to the world. Devotees from a different country and different parts of India visit Iskcon. Every day there is free distribution of Prasadam to the devotees in the temple. Mangala-arati is the divine time to be in the morning and evening where you can see devotees dancing to “Hare Krishna Hare Rama”. In the exit, there are a series of shops with varieties of stuff and also eatable items.


  1. Sankey Tank

Sankey Tank is located in the middle of Vyalikaval, Malleshwaram and Sadashiva Nagar. The tank was converted into a park with funds raised by Government of Karnataka. The park is beautifully constructed with nurseries, walkways, Landscaped parks, a separate tank for immersion of Ganesha idol during festivals and the place has outdoor fitness equipment for users. It is also the best place for photoshoots, relaxation, morning and evening walks. Chats are also available at the entrance to enjoy your evening time.


  1. Rasta Cafe

To make your time memorable visit rasta cafe with your friends located on Mysore road. The ambiance is so comfortable and excellent having indoor and outdoor area. Good place for clicking photos and selfies with friends. The wooden seating arrangements under the tree are the calm and peaceful place to sit and to have a quick bite. Hookah is the most highlighted part of Rasta Cafe and it is a great enjoyment at this place. Rasta Cafe is away from the city which is a good part to turn off yourself from sound, traffic, and pollution.


  1. Bangalore Palace

Bangalore city has a beautiful palace to visit spread across 45,000 sq.ft. The carvings and wooden structure enhance the royal beauty of the palace both in and out. The paintings, Durbar Hall, architecture, ceramic tiles on the floor are lavished by exotic beauty. The guide will keep you engage with the history of the palace. You can’t get off your eyes from the marvelous structures and classic carvings of the palace. The palace grounds are vast and host to different public events like weddings, cultural programmes, music concerts etc.


  1. J P Park

Jaya Prakash Narayan Park popularly known as J P Park located in Mattikere is a large park and a family entertainment place. Children have a playing area where you can leave them to play and have an evening walk or jog. This is surrounded by greenery where elders would also love sitting for some time for relaxation. The big statues of animals in the entrance, fish pond, rock garden, broken glass seating attracts people. Musical fountain at the weekends is popular and people come mainly at the weekends to watch it. Manage to grab your seat soon as you may avoid standing in the long queue. 2 shows of 30 minutes each is held in the evening, which you shouldn’t miss.


  1. Lumbini Garden

The Lumbini garden is the attractive garden of Bangalore where you would find plenty of people every day. The garden has a beautiful fountain, children park, boating club and a long trail to walk. Boating and kids area is the entertaining part of the Lumbini garden. Night lights in the Lumbini garden are amazing to watch and a place to relax. Spend time with your family, eat a lot as you have varieties in the food stall, try a boat ride to have fun and click photographers with Buddha statue and a clock tower which is similar to Big Ben in London.


  1. Flydining

Flydining is the exciting, unique and crazy experience to have at least once in your life. Dinner in the sky with 50 meters above the ground level like a flying bird is an innovative idea and a breathtaking feeling. Experiencing delicious food and an amazing view of a city with your loved ones is something which you needed. Book your seats online and just enjoy flying for about one and a half hour as per package. Flydining occupies 22 members per session with 6 staff members. Flydining is best suited for couples and to surprise your loved ones on birthdays or any other special announcements.


  1. UB City Mall

UB city is the luxurious world of Bangalore consisting of 5 blocks namely Concorde, UB Tower, Kingfisher Plaza, Canberra and Comer Blocks built on 13 acres of land located on Vittal Mallya Road. UB Tower is the tallest construction in Karnataka as on date. This is the best place to experience fashion and lifestyle with global stores. A pub is a bang on place to hang out with friends in UB city.  There are commercial offices, cafe to hang out with friends, restaurants, retail stores, spa, health clubs, serviced apartments, food courts, gardens, art gallery and many more. It’s a different world to be at with lots of fun.


  1. Innovative film city

Innovative film city is full of fun and entertainment and one of the popular Places in Bangalore to hangout. Various games to enjoy with family and your best buddies which gives you an incredible experience. Attractions of Innovative film city are:

Things to do in Innovative Film City

  • Cartoon city

Cartoons are the most entertaining aspect for kids and its fun to watch. This is a small fun world for kids and an opportunity for elders to be a kid again.

  • Dino Park

We are aware and have seen the dinosaurs world on movies. A scary giant creature which is now in the extinct animal list is available in the innovative film city dino park. You can also see the dinosaur eggs and other species too.

  • Aqua Kingdom

Thrilling rides in the Aqua Kingdom is the most enjoying thing. Wave pool, sunbath, gliding down on the river, children’s play area is the places to enjoy to the fullest.

  • Haunted Mansion

The scariest house in the innovative film city is haunted mansion which is a home of zombies, skeletons, and ghosts. The world of a haunted house is also a thrilling and dreadful experience.

  • Petting Zoo

The innovative film city has a zoo with cute little pets like chickens, ducks, lambs, cows etc where you can feed them. Its lovely to watch the innocence of pets and feeding them.

  • Mining

The extraction of minerals from the earth is all about the mining process. You will be able to see this whole process in the mining section.

  • Museums

The very interesting part of innovative film city is museums. Wax museums, tribal museums, oddities museum, fossil museum are the museums to explore in this city.

  • Sport activities

Adventurous and recreational sports like go-karting, dirt bike, net cricket, archery, bull ride, bungy jumping are happy to refresh your minds.

  • Studios

You can also see innovative film academy and Kannada Bigg boss house exclusively in the innovative film city. The shooting locations, infrastructures designed for films are good to see.

  • Yummy Foods

You get tasty foods and snacks both vegetarian and non-vegetarian in the food courts of Innovative film city to satisfy your hunger.



These are the best places to hang out in Bangalore with friends and family. All in one city with extreme fun and never boring places. Visit Bangalore for delicious food, malls, pubs, gardens, parks and plan a long trip for the best experience. Except traffic and pollution, you would love almost all the places of Bengaluru to the core. Get set and visit the garden city and enjoy your freedom. The most likely part of Bangalore is people mind their business and live their life. This is the attitude of Bangalore.

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