Students Role in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – Cleanliness mission


As we all know Swachh Bharat Mission, also called Clean India Mission was set in motion to achieve univeral sanitation coverage by 2019. The Government of India officially launched this campaign on 145th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi i.e, on 2nd of October,2014 at Rajghat, New Delhi as it was his dream to make this country clean. It revolves around each and every Indian citizen’s responsibility, involvement in making this mission a successful one. Students Role in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan plays a major role as well.

The aim of this mission is that to cover both urban and rural areas in uncontaminated and meeting its target such as turning insanitary toilets into pour flush toilets, eliminating the open defecation, deleting manual scavenging, full disposal and reuse if possible the solid and liquid wastes.

Accordingly, people across India take this mission as a challenge to clean their locality and pledge to keep the surroundings tidy and green. It was also encouraged to post images and videos of this regard in social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc as it would act as a major influencer and motivator to other people to do the same at their place as people nowadays are major participants on those websites.


Students Role in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

The Students Role in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is said to be vital in turning India clean and green as they are the emerging crops of nation. Being said that, they are the brand ambassadors of this noble cause. In terms of designing for student involvement, we believe this could be attainable:

  • Students have to understand the importance of this mission and actively participate in cleaning their own space first.
  • Students have to train their younger ones to keep things clean.
  • They can also visit rural areas and bring out the importance of mission and encourage them in contributing to it.
  • By actively participating in Government programs regarding swachta and joining hands in those to promote cleanliness.
  • Undergraduate students can take up this as their main role and tidy their respective localities.
  • Students can create groups and go on collecting funds for cleaning equipments purpose. This can be successful as it is proved in case of arranging funds for New Year celebrations, Ganesh Chathurti, etc.
  • Based on the financial support, students now can set cleaning drive. Also through this they can develop a mechanism to manage waste in long run, which can be a very crucial role played by them towards the program.
  • They can arrange camps in varied regions and share their experiences towards the mission that can motivate others to start the same.
  • As more and more students come together and create awareness, the mission’s aim reach every locality and home as well as transform our country as a whole.
  • Students have to recognize that swachta begins at one’s home, school and surroundings.
  • Students shall ask right questions to Government officials about policies adopted and rules brought up regarding industrial wastes etc and make Government answerable. If young people starts expecting real changes, then people with high power have no other go than make it happen.
  • Explain the consequences involved from spitting, peeing and littering in public and how it effects the mission’s goal as a whole.
  • Promoting the use of dustbins always.
  • Small changes by students as to stop throwing wrappers of eatables on roads and stopping others from doing the same.
  • As we all know that It is very much necessary to improve the quality of life of people in remote areas which are generally been left out, students can take up this cause and initiate measures by bringing up the need at level of government like that of much needed issue of sanitation.
  • Students can go around to different places and start performing plays, giving speeches, singing songs and dancing keeping cleanliness as theme.
  • Students have to understand that they can make changes and they are the ones that make huge difference and should keep on going with the mission.
  • The school authorities also play major role in infusing students about hygiene and sanitation facilities and encouraging them to keep every nook and corner of their surroundings pollutant free.
  • Students can practice segregation of wastes into dry and wet i.e, they can keep vegetables and fruits waste as wet and plastic wastes as dry by keeping two separate bins.
  • In Rural areas, Students should spread awareness of using Toilets.


To conclude, Students Role in Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is essential to make this campaign successful one as it aims at bringing out behavioral changes in public and encouraging health practices, spreading awareness and strengthening the cleanliness systems. Clean India also brings about change in regard to investments by foreign country leading to economic development of our country and its growth. Also bringing variety of sources of employment, reducing death rates and health costs and many more.

Clean India shall bring tourist attention too. The participation and involvement of students on this mission is already showing results in almost all parts of country. If this pace continues then there is no doubt in achieving the target and dream of Mahatma Gandhi can be finally fulfilled on his 150th birth anniversary i.e, on 2nd October,2019. So let’s all pledge together that we contribute our bit in making India clean and green which shall lead to our country being respected in the overall world.

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